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Marc Hewitt

Starting Today: Documenting My Journeys In Unity3D

Unity3D 1 min read , April 22, 2021
Prototypes for days

I’ve been developing and learning Unity3d quietly in the background for several months. Building prototypes, learning best practices, talking to industry folk, and even teaching a few college artists and coders basic Unity3d workflows.

But I realized I haven’t actually been sharing my discoveries as I build prototypes.

A major learning tool I used within the web industry over the past decade was writing; namely writing about what I was doing to a private community. I’d spend time documenting the market tactics I was using, and the results they were getting, then sharing with other Industry experts in the web industry to learn and improve together.

This helped not only instill the topic into memory but created an easy internal resource to reference if I ever needed a refresher, as well as a guide for training on new staff. I’m realizing a few months in now that I should have kept up with this routine with Unity and could be learning much faster by simply writing every day.

Learning is a long journey, so anything that speeds it up is worth pursuing.

So this day forward I’ll be sharing guides on the actual process of making a Unity game, how to improve the code base as it grows, and get the game released across platforms. Starting back at the very beginning as if I was training a junior developer, which on the weekends I actually am.

The journey is long, but also wonderful